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For High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors

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A start up challenger bank aiming to transform the way SME lending is delivered

Minimum Investment £25,000


Learn about the team and their plans to transform the SME Lending market



Reserve your allocation in this investment round


With investments, your capital is at risk.

Investment Highlights

  • Experienced, ambitious and well-rounded management team - the team have a strong demonstrable track record in business banking and retail deposit-taking.
  • Experience of gaining a banking licence - Importantly, key members of the team have significant experience in gaining a banking licence, launching and then scaling a challenger bank.
  • Clear value proposition - focus, speed, flexibility, competitive risk-based pricing and a customer centric approach to deliver a best in class business banking solution.
  • Focused target market - Opportunity to invest at an early stage in highly scalable ‘business focused’ bank with a large, clearly defined underserved target market.
  • Barriers to entry - gaining a banking licence and launching a challenger bank requires a combination of human capital, intellectual capital and significant financial resources at key stages.  The Regulator (Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority) is keen to encourage healthy competition, but the process is rigorous with only a small proportion of potential entrants succeeding. BankNorth have a team with proven success in achieving banking licences and launching and scaling successful businesses.
  • Unique technology and intellectual property - process innovation will be backed by technology, utilising machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the overall customer experience.
  • Positive Impact -  ambitious management team with deep understanding on how a successful, business focused bank can help to drive wider economic growth and job creation to help make a positive impact and create long term shareholder and stakeholder value.
  • Co-investment opportunity - invest alongside specialist institutional investors, corporate investors and professional investors.
  • Growth focused forecast - investment will drive the business towards launch and future growth with forecast returns of 20.63x Money-on-Money on the Base case forecast. Note these returns are not guaranteed and are indicative only.

Investing in early stage companies is a higher risk / higher return investment strategy and should only be carried out as part of a wider investment strategy. If you are in any doubt about the availability of any tax reliefs, or the tax treatment of your investment, you should obtain independent tax advice before proceeding with your investment.

Growth Focused. Impact Driven.
Investment Opportunities… what to look for

When assessing an early stage business investment opportunity, it’s useful to consider a number of key areas that can help to make an informed investment decision;

  • Management Team – do the team have the necessary skills, knowledge, track record to launch and scale the business?
  • Underserved Market – is there clearly defined underserved market. Do the team have deep knowledge and experience of the market they are targeting?
  • Traction – what progress has been made so far and what are the key value creating and risk mitigating milestones as the business scales?
  • Business Model – how does the business make money, what value will it deliver to customers and how is the business aiming to create and crystalise value for early stage investors?
  • Risk v Return – Are the potential returns on offer worth the risks associated with investing in early stage businesses. Is the potential money on money return and internal rate of return attractive and realistic?
  • Impact – growth focused investing is based primarily on generating better financial returns, but many businesses have the potential to make a positive difference such as driving economic growth alongside social and environmental benefits.

Remember, investing in early stage businesses can be exciting and rewarding.  However, it is a higher risk, higher return investing strategy and investors should not invest money they can not afford to lose. Capital is at risk.

Find out more about BankNorth

BankNorth Investment Memorandum

1.Management Team

2.Market opportunity

3.Achievements to date

4.Business Model

5.Target Investor Returns

6.Intended Impact


"Business banking has traditionally been relationship driven and more direct since corporate lending has to be based on the judgement of a company’s prospects. Historically, traditional large banks such as HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, Natwest, RBS and Santander have dominated the business banking space. During the financial crisis pulled away from SME banking, leaving a large sector of solid SMEs underserved"


Download the Investment Memorandum

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